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Interest-Free Economics

November 25, 2012

Interest-Free Economics has been called ‘Sacred Economics’. And it is. It is about establishing equitable access to capital for all. It aims to end usury, while promoting initiative. It is about free markets, with access to all. Including a free market for currencies.

Interest-Free Economics builds on two proud traditions: European anti-usury activism and interest-free credit and the great American Populist anti-Money Power tradition with debt-free money.

Although these two traditions promote different solutions, both are aimed at ending the Money Power’s grip on the Money Supply and exploitation of that control through usury and the boom/bust cycle.

The Problem:
On Interest
Budget of an Interest Slave
The Problem is not Debt, it’s Interest
Usury: why we don’t build Cathedrals these days….
Debt Repudiation or an Interest Strike?
The Scourge of Usury. By Al Thompson. An excellent overview of what the Scriptures have to say.
What is Capitalism?
The Few Banks that Own All
Debt Free Money alone does not solve Compound Interest
Usurious Usurpation
Don’t hoard the Means of Exchange! (part 2)
Don’t hoard the Means of Exchange! (Part 1)
What is Money
Demurrage versus Inflation by Keith Gardner

Discussing solutions: several initiatives and private currencies:
The Goal of Monetary Reform
Concepts of the Gelre, or: What is ‘High Powered Working Capital’?

Mutual Credit, the Astonishingly Simple Truth about Money Creation
Mutual Credit for the 21st century: Convertibility
The Swiss WIR, or: How to Defeat the Money Power
Social Credit
The Wolfson Prize, I win!
the Power of Demurrage: the Wörgl Phenomenon
Reassessing the Greenback and other Alternative Monetary Systems
Financial Warfare 2012: Boycott All Banks
Take your Money out of the Bank NOW! (Video)

Bitcoin, Impressive, but Flawed
Regional Currencies in Germany: the Chiemgauer
Ellen Brown’s Public Banking
How about the Lectro?

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